Water Heater Repair and Installation Guide

Water heater not doing so hot? Looking for a more energy-efficient solution? Ken’s Plumbing in Greenville, SC can help!

water heater repair and installation greenville scWhile often forgotten about, a water heater is one of the most important pieces of in-home technology you own. The right water heater can keep your baths and showers comfortable, your dishes clean, and your clothes washed—all at a temperature that works best for the soaps you’re using.

But the wrong water heater could lead to lukewarm baths or icy cold showers when you least expect it—and a damaged water heater can cause flooding or other expensive home maintenance headaches.

Whether you’re having trouble with your water heater and are looking for a repair or you’re interested in a new installation, Ken’s Plumbing of Greenville, SC is here for you. Here’s an overview of the water heater services we offer, plus information to help you choose the right water heater for your lifestyle.

Expert Water Heater Repair in Greenville

Did your water heater spring a leak, started making strange noises, or just doesn’t heat the way it used to? Problems tend to arise in heaters more than 10-15 years old, but under some circumstances can start much sooner. If you notice an issue, don’t wait for it to get worse before taking action! Services we offer include:

  • Flushing to remove sediments, minerals, and lime that keep your water heater from running at peak performance
  • Stopping costly leaks and fixing them for good
  • Inspection for corrosion that indicates further problems down the road
  • Anything else our Greenville-area customers need!
Water heater repair in Greenville, SC

Thermal Expansion Tanks

If the water heater in your Greenville home has frequent issues with leaking or unexplained damage, you may benefit from a thermal expansion tank. This device forms a kind of pressure buffer to regulate the water pressure in your pipe system—and this can extend the life of not only your water heater, but your whole plumbing system as well.

water heater thermal expansion tanks in Greenville, SC

Energy-efficient Tankless Water Heaters

Ready to replace your aging unit with something more modern and efficient? A tankless water heater, as its name implies, doesn’t keep a finite amount of heated water in a storage tank. Instead, it only heats water when you actually turn the hot water tap on.

This often translates to more efficient energy use, since the unit doesn’t exert energy throughout the whole day to keep the water in the tank warm. It also takes up less space, and it ensures that even long showers stay hot all the way through.

tankless water heaters in Greenville, SC

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters

A tankless water heater isn’t for everyone. Conventional storage water heaters have a number of advantages, chief among them their lower cost and the availability of hot water within a few seconds of turning on the tap. We have different conventional water heater models on hand for installation and can recommend the best for your home's needs.

Is a traditional water heater right for your Greenville home?

traditional vs tankless water heaters for Greenville homes

Electric and Gas Water Heaters

Another option you can customize regarding a new water heater is the energy source. Should you opt for a water heater that runs on electrical energy, or one that runs on gas?

Gas heaters are able to heat water more quickly and can run even during a power outage, but electrical models tend to be more efficient.

electric vs gas water heaters greenville SC

Get a professional installation for your new water heater

If you’re going to invest in a new water heater, it’s worth having it professionally installed as well. An amateur installation may void the unit’s manufacturing warranties, and small errors can cause big problems with venting, electricity, gas lines, and water pressure.

Don’t risk creating expensive and (potentially dangerous) damages to your brand-new heater. Let one of our knowledgeable professionals install it for you to ensure it works well for years to come.

professional water heater installations in Greenville, SC

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