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All too often, the “cheapest” choice becomes the most expensive choice. Many of our new customers call us to fix the problems caused by hiring the “cheap guy” the first time around—shoddy workmanship, inferior products, unlicensed and uninsured contractors... over the years, we’ve seen (and fixed) it all.

Ken Flournoy, “The Picky People’s Plumber,” opened Ken’s Plumbing Inc., in 1991 in Greenville, South Carolina. Today, Ken has an expert staff of professional plumbers (and an electrical service), who provide services to business owners and homeowners with discriminating tastes. At Ken’s Plumbing, we have your best interest at heart. Our expert technicians care about every detail and provide the highest quality plumbing services. Please give us a call at (864) 242-5511 and let us exceed your expectations!

Mission Statement:

“Through our world-class customer service, our dedication to excellence, and our random acts of kindness, we will exceed your expectations…every day!”

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